Aromatherapy Spa Treatment

Throughout the centuries, essential oils have been used by many civilizations, but using aromatherapy in the bath as a spa treatment is a fairly new resurgence, although the popularity of essential oils never really waned in some places. The Chinese, Greeks, Romans and French have contributed to adding oils or fragrances to the bath for all kinds of purposes including therapeutic, cosmetic or aromatic benefits. Most people that add the natural essential oils to their bath enjoy the relaxing experience they offer, but they might not realize there are certain medicinal qualities that are still present.

If you have studied the history of aromatherapy and the fragrances or oils that are derived from all kinds of plants, fruits, seeds, herbs, barks and spices, you might be aware that some of them are popular for relaxation. While aromatherapy didn’t really get a name until the French chemist, Gattefosse’ gave it the name in 1928, even natural ingredients were part of the discovery he made. In fact, he burned his arm and dipped it in liquid that was nearby, which happened to be a container of lavender essential oil.

Aromatherapy Essential OilsMineral baths were popular for skin treatments over many centuries for their healing properties, but the discovery of essential oils as a healing treatment are only part of why they are used in baths today. Because of the effect they have on the olfactory nerve, through the sense of smell, immediate relaxation is one of the medicinal side effects of some oils, which can also include a whole variety of other remedies, depending on the types of essential oils that are in your blends. There are certain essential oils that are known for relaxation while others are stimulants. There are some essential oils for healing the skin, while some might be helpful for curing colds, like in the case of eucalyptus.

The types of essential oils you use in your aromatherapy bath might have a history of some medicinal cure, but many of the aromatherapy bath oils will have a mixture of oils that stimulate your senses or offer a relaxing and soothing bath. While you don’t have to know the history of aromatherapy, you might want to investigate the medicinal properties of your essential oils for your bath or you might want to get adventuresome and try some new aromatherapy bath oils, the next time you take your aromatherapy bath or decide on a long and relaxing soak.


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