Ahhh! a Luxury Bath – Sheer Heaven

How would you describe a luxury bath?

Luxury BathFor some it is relaxing warmth. For others it may be invigorating jets of a Jacuzzi, as the water massages the tensions of the day away. Even the pulsating water of a shower soothing and washing away your aches and pains can give you a luxurious bathing experience. No matter how you like to bathe, you can find luxury to suit your tastes.

In the Japanese culture, they enjoy public soaking tubs and steam showers. These features, for many reasons, are difficult to be reproduced in a home setting. Many people in the Western cultures would not find it very relaxing or luxurious to go to a public bath, as the Japanese do. However, there are ways of attaining a bathing experience that is more than just the cleansing of your body.

Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy a Luxury Bath

There are small and inexpensive ways to add to your luxuriant bathing experience. For example, forget about using a normal bath towel. Instead, get yourself some pure cotton bath sheets that allow you to wrap your entire body in warm, soothing luxury. Cotton not only absorbs the water better, it is gentle and soft on the skin. My favorite is thick, white cotton towels heated in a towel warmer. Heaven!

You many also want to consider a color change in your bath. Color affects the mood and choosing a soothing color may help do the trick in creating your at home spa. Colors to consider include pastel greens,pale blues and lilacs.

Candles and aromatherapy scents are other inexpensive ways to create a luxurious mood in your bath. It is best to select scents you enjoy, or you can choose scents for specific purposes of relaxing, calming or soothing, etc.

Bath oils and Epson salts are also things you can make at home. You can make your own salt scrub with grapeseed oil, kosher and Epson salts along with scents and essential oils for a great exfoliating scrub.

Finally, when you are ready, just draw a hot bath, light some candles, turn down the lights, add some relaxing music and a glass of wine or some hot tea for a really relaxing bathing experience.


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