Creating the Perfect Home Spa Experience

Home Spa ExperienceHave you ever just longed to create the perfect, luxurious bathroom environment yet don’t know where to start?

Try a Splash of Color!

Color is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to begin to transform your bathroom. Shades of blue’s greens and lilacs are soothing and comfortable; however, some people prefer more vibrant colors or an antique look. Color is a personal preference, so you should use colors you find appealing and relaxing.

Plan for Relaxation!

After you have decided on your color pallet, the next thing is to decide what kind of storage you need. Bathrooms are known for their clutter…so when you reduce the clutter you open up the bath to a more relaxed feeling.

Minimum requirement for relaxation is to have a place for

  • towels
  • soaps
  • bath and beauty oils (that keeps them within easy reach while bathing) and
  • a nice storage cabinet or cupboard to put items that are not in use.

Your goal is to have everything in easy reach – yet beautifully arranged in a way that produces a mood of tranquility and relaxation.

While shaving and bathing are considerations for daily life they are not the only considerations when thinking about how to set up your bathroom. Don’t let the daily cosmetic requirements of you life dictate your bathroom design or habits. A properly laid out bath should offer you the ability to also enjoy a home spa experience, where you can find refuge and relaxation. A bathroom should provide you with a place to escape from your everyday existence. You can leave your worries behind in the sanctity of your beautiful “home spa”.

To be honest a home spa experience is not about bathing, it is a personal relaxation experience that helps to soothe your mind and body. You know what you love and when you incorporate it in your bath and home you are on your way to your very own personal spa experience.

The perfect bath calls you to linger…you don’t want to leave the soothing experience it provides.


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