Organic Bath Towels, Going Green With Style

The two most important factors about a bath towel are comfort and beauty. If the towels

organiic towels on Amazon
organic towels on Amazon

you use are too rough, non-absorbent or easily discolored, keep looking until you find the beauty and comfort you want in a towel. Also, consider organic bath towels – expensive, but so worth it!

With worldwide concern about Eco-friendliness and thus, going green, organic bath towels are gaining more and more popularity today. When you want to purchase an organic bath towel, there are certain things that you must consider.

What’s Good About Buying Organic Bath Towels:

  • They will last longer. Keep in mind that organic bath towels are a bit more expensive than synthetic towels, but these will last longer.
  • Apart from the obvious (that, organic bath towels are nature-friendly) they are also very attractive. If you have decorated your bathrooms with a nature theme, organic bath towels will only enhance the overall appearance of the space. Decades ago, cotton was one of the rare luxuries, but today cotton is not as expensive as what it was back then. Also, since the introduction of synthetic material with properties very close to that of cotton, the market has become more competitive with more options to from which to select.
  • Cotton is cooling — the reason people from warm areas prefer cotton clothing. Thus, cotton organic bath towels will keep you cool, even if you wrapped in them for a longer time, for instance, in a spa.
  • Cotton is softer than synthetic and is good for your skin. Rough towels can harm your skin in more than one way, causing it to lose its oiliness, smoothness, and firmness. Rubbing the skin the wrong way is a common reasons for skin wrinkling. Organic bath towels will not give you any of these troubles, for not only are they eco-friendly, but also skin friendly.
  • Soft, absorbent, organic bath towels come in a variety of colors. They even come with multicolored prints.

Tips to guide you when purchasing organic bath towels for your home:

1. Consider the purpose for which you are buying the towel. For instance, guest room towels need to be of high quality but smaller.
2. Egyptian and Supima cotton organic towels are the best, and worth the investment if they fit your budget
3. Look at the absorbent nature of the towel. The higher the density, the more absorbent the towel is.
4. Keep in mind the bathroom decor before choosing a designed organic bath towel.

There are, of course, ways to save money on your organic towel purchases. Shop Craigslist for estate sales, in your neighborhood for discount stores that sell seconds and closeouts are two good examples of places where you can purchase organic towels, and many other desirable accessories at a discount.

Enjoy your bath 🙂


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