Spa Atmosphere – at home

Creating a Spa Atmosphere in your Bath can Transform you and your Home

Having a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom not only has the power to transform you on a daily basis it can also transform your home, because it helps to increase the resale appeal. Building a new home is the best time to create a spa experience in your bathroom. If your home is already constructed you can remodel a bathroom to give it the ambiance you desire. Even if you are on a tight budget you can create a spa atmosphere in your bath.

First you should determine what a spa atmosphere is to you. Does the stress melt off you when you spend thirty minutes in a jacuzzi tub? Or do you find the jets from a spa shower more to your liking? Maybe you think warm, relaxing rain created with a sun shower is the most relaxing. Whatever feature you find the most relaxing you can re-create in your own home.

Be sure to consider your basic bathing requirements. If you never take baths, then buying a tub is probably not your best option. Afterall, why spend money on something that takes up space and you won’t use. An alternate choice may be a large shower with a sitting area that allows you to enjoy the steam. The ability to custom fit shower heads and jets can make for a very invigorating or relaxing experience.

Your choice of materials can also give your bathroom a more spa-like feel. Today many materials are being used in bathrooms. Glass blocks give your spa bathroom a retro-modern look or if you like a more natural look then stone is a good choice.

There are many things to think about when designing a home spa. Check out the next five star hotel you visit and get some tips. Keeping your eyes open for what you love and incorporate that into your design and you can’t go wrong.


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