Step Back In Time With an Antique Clawfoot Bathtub

claw foot tub For those that love a romantic bath, an antique clawfoot bathtub offers a nostalgic step back in time every time you take a bath. It used to be that only historic homes might have these bathtubs, which came in single-end or double-ended models, because they were a part of bath history that included an attractive soaking tub that featured the timeless vintage bathtub hardware. Now, it is possible to find reproduction claw foot bathtubs in a variety of materials and styles, like the slipper bathtub, to fill the need of those that love their historic and romantic looks.

In fact, they might be part of the remodeling plans, when many people think about an alluring and stylish bathroom retreat. When thinking about ways to increase the resale of their home, designing a bathroom that appeals to many people might include the use of the attractive reproduction bathtubs that are on the market today. There are different types of bathroom styles and the basins for bathing offer a wide variety of choices. While some of the newer styles like the Garden tub or jetted tubs are popular, there are some people that love the nostalgic look of a handcrafted wooden bath tub, a rich and luxurious copper bathtub or the romantic looks that reproduction claw foot bathtubs can offer.

Of course, antique lovers can still find the real thing on the Internet at a variety of places, but they are readily available from some of the more upscale bathtub dealers or home remodeling supply houses. It is still possible to find the heavy, cast iron antique clawfoot bathtubs and many antique dealers still have a request for them when they aren’t in stock. For this reason, the reproduction clawfoot tubs have grown in popularity because it is possible to get the same nostalgic or romantic look in acrylic or quality cast iron in the modern versions that still offer classic styling.

With the options of bathtub choices, that are reminiscent of the popular tub styles of yesteryear, there is resurgence in the clawfoot tubs, along with the faucets and other clawfoot hardware that is available. Today’s bathroom fixture suppliers can show you a variety of bathtub styles that will give your bathroom a new look, even if it is a look from yesteryear. If you love soaking in the tub as much as many people do, you are certain to find bathtub styles that achieve the ambiance you are searching for, in your bathroom retreat.


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